Black Men Not Safe In America!

x_lon_baton_160706__105947.nbcnews-ux-1080-600You want American Dream? Nah wake up! This is reality in the land of the free! Black men get gunned down in cold blood like rats! Watch the graphic video footage below and soak it in. If you have any heart and red blood in your veins then you should be moved by this. And if not, then you’re just as heartless as the hateful cops! Is this what our black sons have to look forward to? The poor guy was working hard selling CD’s in street corners to feed is 5 kids. If he doesn’t work and relies on welfare, he’s condemned, if he works he’s also condemned! Black men just can’t win!!!! What gives?! Within 24 hours another was gunned down in front of his family! My heart is heavy this very moment. This is hard to stomach as a mother. Alton is after all someone else’s baby too at one point! America wake up! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! My condolences to Alton Sterling and Philando Castile’s family.

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The Weekend in Red, Blue & White

bHow else to celebrate America’s birthday holiday weekend if not in red, blue & white fashionable pieces. It’s hard to walk across the streets without someone with a piece of US flag colored scarf, bag or pin proudly celebrating life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, the day England lost their holdings in the New World! Alas! I present to you series of images of my 5 month old little cub (who now has over 10k Facebook followers thanks to you) and I enjoying his very first 4th of July weekend accompanied by his dotting dad! God bless America, land of the free, home of the brave! least the last time I checked.

Photo credit for the most part to my wonderful hubby, baby dada! 🙂

Hope you all have a good one and drive safely!

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d e

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Pride March Like No Other

Alas! The Pride March took place in New York City successfully without any glitches despite rumors and fears of terrorist attacks in the wake of the devastating killings in Orlando of Gay/Lesbians celebrating at Pulse lounge. Trust New Yorkers not to be bothered by anything. Spectators reached an astounding tens of thousands, possibly a million to take in the festivities. Celebrities and giant corporations made sure they were not left out of the movement. Companies such as Microsoft, Wholefoods, Universities, banks, even Facebook and airlines were present. Crowd favorites such as the cast members of Orange Is The New Black as well as Sex & The City Cynthia Nixon made an appearance with their respective groups. Security was at an all time high but hardly noticeable. This is probably one of the best Pride March in the history of the movement. Thanks in part to the onslaught in Orlando that brought everyone from around the world to either take part or watch the parade. Everyone had one thing in common, in support of Orlando.

More images, especially the X-rated ones, will be posted on my facebook page throughout this week. So be sure to stay tuned there. To see bigger versions of the images below, simply click on them. Remember, all rights reserved. 🙂

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Cast members of Orange Is The New Black


NYC Mayor, Al Sharpton and SATC actress Cynthia Nixon


Cast members of Orange Is The New Black

13438826_10154380257671654_6326984550685809890_n 13443052_10154380268331654_4925308314489203528_o 13475001_10154380274841654_3463216065000684147_o 13482933_10154380274866654_9207558208100912595_o 13482968_10154380262571654_2253015945122720157_o 13483124_10154380263501654_8339746680383350403_o 13483142_10154380275951654_6026285719947312455_o 13490649_10154380264031654_7522458442392122296_o 13495430_10154380277211654_4663995761073867364_o 13497532_10154380278406654_2829657363677026039_o 13497645_10154380259251654_2910175788780389436_o 13497740_10154380274101654_552014117726085688_o 13497973_10154380273901654_7949240283797630532_o 13502747_10154380259881654_630262925172088259_o 13502759_10154380259971654_4839289788050844340_o 13502900_10154380271301654_2597370342762994344_o 13502939_10154380270916654_7900583162203837646_o 13517483_10154380259226654_4063615001139100944_o 13517654_10154380281261654_6332831498144749050_o 13521873_10154380267521654_5808283145361554482_n 13522752_10154380261266654_884420979609876973_o 13522791_10154380281081654_6127677436792174763_o 13528126_10154380273926654_236450800739497683_o-1 13528181_10154380264256654_661643652145075183_o 13528277_10154380258156654_5648841218269476325_o 13528330_10154380265966654_1913453553414154628_o 13528498_10154380263731654_8494643862388545734_o 13528610_10154380265471654_2447809391663860065_o 13528804_10154380268001654_2399960723377144725_n 13529021_10154380267281654_3333673346541121863_n 13558688_10154380279836654_1680319446126836748_o 13558800_10154380260206654_7612517208963302577_o 13558861_10154380257996654_2806803126766338501_o

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5 Mos Post Pregnancy Body

postpregxMy journey, post pregnancy body challenge…5 months and counting! In case you missed my pregnancy-baby arrival post, check it out here.

What can I say, good genes definitely has a part to play in what I’m about to describe below. I’m not here to deceive anybody. I had my first baby 5 months ago and I’ve been somewhat busy getting my body back in shape. I beat up myself in yoga classes and even venture into Pilates for the first time! Got to say the core workout gives me exactly what I’m seeking. While at home, my baby who now weighs over 20 pounds helps in the matter, joining in on the fun! Not interested in using boring old weighs, instead I have more fun and play with my baby while working out! (Be sure to see the video footage below of us working out together. He clearly enjoys it too.)

About 3 to 4 days a week we take long walks between Union Sq and Central Park round trip, that’s about 6 miles (with him in the stroller of course).  Just last week I could finally fit into my old jeans and pre-pregnancy bras!

And what about the diet? Nothing special! I simply ate sensibly, carbs in the afternoon, protein and veggies at night -vegetarian! Absolutely nothing in large quantities. And of course, the rest I left to God and good genes. I weighed about 183 pounds at baby’s birth and now over 40 pounds lighter at almost 5.10″ tall. I have a few bits more to go and trying to stay on target…going for the lighter weight, long before I was even pregnant. Hope I’m not being too greedy. Wish me luck! 🙂

And yes, that’s all my hair! #noweave #nowig #youarewhatyoueat 🙂

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2016-06-07 14.53.17x 12523938_10154134940334602_8296041234932872049_n13350277_10154295375874602_6644693950359312131_onn



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Mind Over Madness!

13490837_10154319736994602_6844227914248089691_oThe bold, brave and beautiful came out in full force earlier today to convene at the cross roads of the world, Times Square! Every level of flexibility and body shape braved the onslaught of endless tourists camera trained on them during downward dog and many other compromising yoga asanas. Nothing left in shock value when it comes to dealing with New Yorkers. Safe to say we’ve seen it all and done it all. New Yorkers celebrated summer solstice in true New York style, barely clothed in the heart of the city, maintaining a complete zen in the midst of the madness! This would mark the 14th anniversary since the Times Sq. Alliance launched this fitness movement. Oh, don’t miss me in the pictured above executing a headstand…just warming up of course. 🙂

All the pictures were taken using my cell phone. Not bad uh.

To see the images upclose simply click on it.
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13442360_10154362612811654_4045445587090558236_n 13445754_10154362613386654_7070310326862003594_n 13450140_10154362612676654_6412973598573806803_n 13450906_10154362612326654_5722015966230459060_n 13466067_10154362613771654_981969119238302917_n 13466225_10154362612461654_7428673320226534568_n
13507201_10154362613511654_8060464178830484753_n 13507235_10154362613491654_8212211250791264352_n 13511017_10154362613411654_5661649723060508377_n 13511961_10154362613666654_1705697574598492801_n 13516153_10154362613676654_4018855009099750768_n 13516266_10154362613671654_3778000884187181970_n


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First Mother’s Day & My Wedding Gowns

12495228_10154029258964602_4994691945603045119_nI’m officially part of the club!!! My very first Mother’s Day as a mother!!! In case you’re wondering when I became a mother, check out the blog posted back in January. I mean, who knew! I never thought it would feel so good and am so grateful to have my sweet chubby cheek little munchkin @DaGoldChain, who is now almost 4 months old this week. He has really changed my world and given a new meaning to my life in a way that I could never have imagined.  There is nothing like love for one’s own child which I have only now come to realize knows no bounds.13147520_10154205241339602_8089282953329058887_o

And what about the baby father my Facebook friends keep asking? 🙂 Well, he’s been my partner-in-crime for a decade now and happens to be my best kept secret who shares my desire to keep our private life far from the public eye!  I am so blessed to have a husband (yes you read right, husband) who understands me and is confident enough in our relationship not to feel the need to be included as part of my public persona. We had a very private fairy-tale wedding at the Pierre in New York, with a very international flare which included our families and friends from around the world.  Private as it was, we still got featured in Town & Country magazine as a newly wed shortly after. I think that had something to do with my gorgeous haute couture wedding dress designed by none other than the legendary John Galliano during his tenure at Dior Haute Couture. The dress was one of 4 changes I had that day. Others were by Reem Acra, Badgley Mischka and traditional Nigerian attire. This would be the very first time I am publicly sharing my wedding dress photographs, after all these years. I guess I am drunk on motherhood and it feels so damn good! Did I mention my baby & I were featured on the cover of LadyBrille magazine?12716056_10153980102479602_8841149948470260370_o


A pre-mother’s day gift from my beloved husband and baby

I am incredibly lucky to have the love of my husband and my baby who somehow conspired to present me a pre-mother’s day gift, the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I have ever seen, matched in beauty only by its amazing fragrance which I cannot even begin to describe. It has perfumed our home like a spring garden!

Wishing all you mothers and mothers-to-be, the very brightest Mother’s Day.

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12909630_10154126295709602_9058728737241748110_o 12888653_10154119193424602_9013045020949988002_o 12814528_10154038048079602_8607414711644827821_n



Walking down the aisle on my wedding day in Dior Haute Couture


At my wedding reception in Reem Acra at the Pierre


The embroidery details on my wedding dress by Dior Haute Couture


Thanks to the pregnancy, I have a full head of hair! No weave, no wig 🙂



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Madness on 5th Ave

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 6.04.51 PMOh, how I wish words could explain what I encountered while walking home in NYC freezing cold weather shortly after Christmas in December of 2015. He stomped out of a high profile residential building on 5th Avenue in Manhattan! Obviously a promient man in the city’s fabric of high society. Could he be high on drugs, mental issues, alcoholic, love life gone wrong? Only God almighty above can answer these questions. I certainly wish him well because this right here…is a serious issue! ONLY IN NEW YORK!

First put your kids away, then watch the video footage below…and yeap, that was my phone being knocked out by the guy at the end. YIKES!

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OMG! I’m Now A Mom!!!

12552548_10153983717351654_1279814111731699722_nI never thought in my wildest dreams that the word “mom” could be associated with me. For years I denied myself this ability to love another human being unconditionally. I put my career first and fought family members hard to get off my back about the idea of me having kids! Have you any idea what it’s like to grow up with an African mother? Whew! Signed, sealed, delivered! First off, let me sincerely apologize to my family and digital friends for keeping everyone in the dark these past 9 months! Yeap, I kept my pregnancy a secret, including my mom until the 8 mos and was able to do so due to my small belly actually. I basically became a hermit for the most part. I had to process & post these photos asap after a family member declared at the baby’s naming that perhaps I used a surrogate because he never saw me pregnant while I was with him shopping during the holidays! What can I say, hiding the small tummy in flowing caftans & heavy sweaters did the job with proper styling!9 copy

Call me superstitious but I have to admit that keeping it quiet enabled me to have a safe and peaceful pregnancy with absolutely no hint of nausea, morning sickness, not even a simple cold! As a first pregnancy, it was a total breeze and all I had to bitch about was acne prone face during the 1st trimester! I’ll settle for that over morning sickness any day! On January 12, I delivered a safe and healthy bouncing baby boy in NYC and have the almighty to thank for all his mercies. I literally watched the first day of the rest of my life filled with the sweetest beautiful boy placed in my arms. I still can’t believe I almost missed out on such joyous and hard to explain feeling of being a mother! My beloved and I are over the moon!!!

The pregnancy photos below were taken while I was 8 months along. No photoshop required besides color correction. Whew! What a ride!

Farther below are some of the maternity styles I adopted during my pregnancy.

More photos of my baby will be posted on my facebook & instagram page in the following weeks. Stay tuned 🙂

Baby’s photos can now be seen and followed on his very own exclusive page at @dagoldchain


12525221_10153983717806654_3099941256866812911_o 885623_10153492187099602_1039320689879414089_o 10733890_10153465114504602_2687988103925000034_o 11334262_10153463977459602_7554538423962042474_o 11822738_10153574233754602_8641215130284655602_n 12039532_10153694709049602_298808915850536628_n 12191521_10153750765669602_5207758357314555809_n 12346325_10153830529169602_742838097639381167_n 12356848_10153838633159602_2759637454977663926_o-1

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Sightings At Halloween Parade

12182498_10153756363354602_6540136875343801879_oNew Yorkers do not disappoint when it comes to entertainment and creativity. The 42nd annual Halloween Parade was no different. Thousands of denizens turned up on 6th Ave to parade upwards dancing to their favorite tunes, just about everyone were seen in costumes. I myself opted for a punk rock vibe, complete with spikes from head to toe. The weather cooperated of course, enabling some people to show up in nothing but their undergarments as costumes!

There were many Mexican groups more than ever before, as if to send a message to presidential candidate Donald Trump. Only in New York as they say!

Below are some of my favorites, captured with my lens. To see an enlarged version, simply click on the image or see them on my facebook page.


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10422425_10153805314986654_2115083388962980722_n 10989489_10153805319716654_5279728550347568478_n 12065926_10153805318156654_7669573755973501931_n 12108175_10153805316231654_1189217976477552370_n 12112045_10153805318916654_100440104382744250_n 12122900_10153805319011654_8329933165759402142_n 12143356_10153805315266654_3038178395679097332_n 12191015_10153805318271654_4265772076024529785_n 12191638_10153805315546654_5784740389504716854_n 12193337_10153805322231654_7628054482904961063_n 12193482_10153805316066654_8161700981436405107_n 12193704_10153805321686654_2269353136242860634_n 12195940_10153805317991654_80347083261802002_n 12196001_10153805322196654_1745399269376697696_n 12196070_10153805315626654_7058006020847906488_n 12189136_10153805319681654_6002172746501585356_n

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 5.09.11 PMxsml

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Suffragette…The Genesis of Womens Rights

layout.indd Just got in from seeing an advance screening of the movie “Suffragette”, starring Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter and Meryl Streep set in England 1912. It was amazing to see the price we women have to pay for the privilege of owning a vagina between our legs. The British women who were brave enough to fight the political system for women’s rights were well depicted in this movie but I only wish there are more like this to keep telling their tales on a yearly basis. Why? Because women still have a while more to go today and much can be said for such places in the Middle East and other impoverished parts of the world where some women have no say in what age she’s to be married off to an old bag! If only they could punish their male counterparts by having a “sex strike”, that just might do the trick too! For crying out loud, we are the ones baring their kids and cleaning up after them.

How about female mutilation in East Africa? Don’t get me started on that one.

The Sufragette’s selfless efforts helped initiate a worldwide awareness on womens right. The US started the movement in 1920, Nigeria in 1976, e.t.c. Saudi Arabia is promising women rights sometime this year. Fingers crossed!

I urge every woman on the planet to make an effort to see this movie. If all else fails, least you will leave the theater a little bit more empowered!

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